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Now FalconTV is On Demand & At Your Command
30 Million Households Have Access to Award-Winning Content on Television

Gay, adult mega-producers Falcon Studios, Raging Stallion Studios and Naked Sword Originals have joined forces with some of the country’s major TV providers to offer award-winning, high-quality gay video to their adult offerings under the name FalconTV. In an effort to promote the content’s availability to nearly 30 million households, the studios are urging TV customers who are fans of gay adult video to check their providers’ Adult On Demand listings for FalconTV.

Our group of studios collectively offers content under one recognizable name, FalconTV, to make it easy for you to find all the best movies available in the category. The newest movies and award winning favorites can be easily found under the FalconTV umbrella in each providers’ Adult Category. FalconTV has launched with a number of 2013 releases and will also offer HD content in certain markets premiering with A Big Shaft Militia (released on DVD by Raging Stallion as Militia).

You may be in the majority of U.S. households with television service who now have FalconTV at your command, and you can enjoy the finest gay adult content in the world through your provider’s Adult On Demand category. Our goal is to make our award-winning all-male erotica available to as many fans as possible, and we’ve launched the ‘FalconTV: On Demand & At Your Command’ campaign in order to let you know that yoiu have a new way to watch our amazing video product. If you can’t find FalconTV on your provider’s Adult OnDemand listings, please contact them and request it.

FalconTV’s expanded availability is a major milestone in growing the audience of our premier gay adult content. We’re excited to provide this new option of content delivery to our customers and fans who want the hottest content and enjoy watching it On Demand from the comfort of their home. We’re hoping to launch FalconTV pay-per-view and subscription channels with providers in the near future to add more viewing options.

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